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The company established in Ghana, was Incorporated under the Companies Act 1963, Act 179 as a Limited Company, to cover all its land in addition to many branches & contractors around the world, to be the market leader in workforce services by offering quality, competitive, diversified and innovative services to all our customers.


Our Mission is to continually provide a high level of professional service to each client and customer through a wide array of specialized property services in the real estate industry.


Our vision is to be the leading organisation in the real estate industry, responsible for the delivery of all aspects of property and asset management across Africa, with focus on satisfying our client with the best possible return on their investment.


Amet Best Group Limited

Student Accommodation Management

As expectations and demands of students continue to grow in both the standard of their education and where they live, so have investors and developers striven to match and very often exceed that expectation.
Unfortunately, the provision of property management services into this field has not kept pace with the developments that continuously rises up. It is vital, given the size and significant investment levels to create these assets, that the developers and investors choose the right manager to take day-to-day control.
Amet Best Properties can help on all aspects of management and support of student accommodation management. At the design stage we will review and advise on facilities and layouts to maximize the return whilst minimizing the management cost. During the build we will continually review the market and support the developer and set the process for marketing the accommodation in place. As the property manager we do not insist on keeping all marketing in house. We work with local agents to maximize the exposure to the right market locally and overseas to ensure the occupancy rate hits 100%.
Once built and occupied we will continue to ensure that all compliance requirements are met and the resident’s needs are attended to resulting in our high level of satisfaction rates, and increasing the likelihood of maintaining occupancy in our buildings throughout a resident’s academic career.
If you would like to discuss moving the management of your building to Amet Best Properties, or have an investment currently in the planning process we would be delighted to discuss your requirements. 


Commercial Property Management

Whilst commercial property management requires a less intensive day-to-day management than other management areas, its essential the right expertise is applied to this more complex area.
The management and negotiation of leases at the outset, especially lease terms and apportionment and oversite require particular consideration to reduce costs, ensure a clear and simple understanding of terms by tenants and maximize the recovery of costs over the long term. This is particularly important for mixed use developments which are becoming increasingly common in city centers.
We carry out all forms of lease negotiations, extensions and assist in the drafting of leases. We have a backend team dedicated to commercial accounting ensuring rents and service charges are collected on time and set at the right levels ensuring the tenants are fully aware of the costs they will be incurring. This team also ensures detailed accounts are produced and delivered on time to meet with RICS compliance requirements. 


Residential Property Management

As the core of our business, we take huge pride over delivering a quality and value-added service. It is an industry that many believe they can do themselves, but when the responsibilities of a property manager are fully understood and the consequences of getting them wrong, it is easy to see why the educated property owner hands over this job to a full-time professional.
Even those highly experienced in the industry look to have their properties taken care of whilst they spend their time on their day job, looking for the next purchase or simply enjoying the fruits of their labour knowing their tenants are safe and happy and their income is generated along with the capital value preserved.
Amet Best Properties covers all aspects of taking care of your property and tenants with our specialist management team. We focus on looking after your customer, the tenant, whilst ensuring you maximize your return. As each property or portfolio is individual it is best to discuss what your requirements are with us where we can tailor your service.
Our management services include a full reconciliation of your account along with regular inspections and inventory of your property. We liaise regularly with your tenant and ensure they know their responsibilities to your property and you as the owner. We ensure the deposits are protected in line with legislation and that your property is compliant both with English and Welsh property law. We are also specialists in House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Management.
Our Managing Director is also the Director for Wales of the Residential Landlords Association as well as its Vice-Chairman representing and protecting landlord’s interests across England and Wales. As a result, Amet Best Properties as a company is at the forefront the changes in legislation in both England and Wales and is best placed to protect you and your property and ensure you are compliant.


Facilities Management

Facilities management is one of the fastest growing fields in the property services sector. As more businesses realize that they increase their profitability and customer satisfaction by focusing on their core services and outsourcing the ancillary requirements that support them.
If you are the manager of a building or a management company that requires support services then Amet can work with you to create a bespoke list of services to support your building or buildings.

These are split into hard and soft areas, examples of each are:
• Gas servicing and testing
• Fire alarm servicing and testing
• Air Conditioning Services
• Mechanical and Electrical Services
• Property refurbishment and building
• Cleaning services
• Temporary admin or support staff
• Grounds maintenance
• IT Support and Security
• Printing and Copying Services and Advice
• Pest Control